Social Liability



A doctor and a nurse guarantee medical assistance to our workers and to the children attending our kindergarten via a protocol with the Portuguese public health service.


The Group ACO SHOES makes and provides lunch for its workers, both in Portugal and in Cape Verde. Besides the comfort and convenience, the employees getting together at the table promotes a pleasant friendly atmosphere.


ACO SHOES has a kindergarten, with a nursery for children aged from 3 to 6 years of age, and a leisure activity area (ATL) for elementary school children (first four years of compulsory schooling) who play and study there. In total, the children's area in Vila Nova de Famalicão´s factory is attended by around 60 children. In more than two decades, several generations of children, nowadays young and old, have attended the space. Some of them are currently employees of the company.


The headquarters of the Group ACO SHOES has a multi-sports pavilion, with a bench for 500 people, being available for sports and also as an events hall. And a canteen, which is granted for events, namely baptisms and weddings, not only to theACO workers, but also to the nearby community, especially for assoaciations and local group parties.

Social Liability Aco Group