Environmental Liability



The rational use of water in the production process and its return to nature, duly treated are indispensable actions.


Technological innovation modernizes manufacturing processes, which have the positive implications of adopting ever more sustainable raw materials. The components and chemicals applied to footwear significantly contribute to its aesthetics and type of usage. Working in partnership with other “players” in the Portuguese footwear industry, the Group ACO SHOES seeks the constant development of solutions and knowledge in order to promote comfort, safety and new footwear functionalities.


The Group ACO SHOES invested in new fur-cutting equipment meaning the intelligent use of raw materials, saving resources and reducing waste production. In addition, the need to protect the environment and contribute to sustainable development appeals to the production of footwear made from biodegradable materials.


The adoption of new solutions for energy saving and diversification of energy sources has resulted in an effective saving of resources and the reduction of the ecological footprint.

Environmental Liability Aco Group